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 Whether you are interested in buying, selling, or relocating, you've come to the right place. 


When  selling real estate, we take care of everything. From "staging"  the  home to sell, to making sure that our sellers are positioned  properly  within the brokerage community. From point of purchase  marketing to  direct mailings to massive amounts of Internet marketing.  From print  advertising to networking with top selling agents from all  over the  area. After all, we never know where our buyer is going to  come from. We  put everything we have available to us into a planned  attack for the  sellers that hire us. We let everyone know that we have homes for sale! 


When  buying real estate, we make sure that you are totally informed as  to  the comparables in your destination city or town. We put you in  touch  with our preferred lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors. When  you  move in, you can rest assured that you have achieved your dream  home at  the best price possible.


We  are aggressive without being overbearing. We look out for your best   interests without playing Mom or Dad. We are proactive and professional   Realtors. We are protective of your personal information.  

One other thing.... We sell real estate and we’re very good at it!


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Gary  Heimbach continually strives for perfection during his real estate  transactions. He wants every client to have a wonderful experience  during their purchase and/or sale. To that end, he asks his clients for  feedback on the sale and/or purchase of their home. Submitted for your  perusal, these letters of recommendation have come from past sellers and  buyers. The complete letters are on file, and all buyers and sellers  have given their permission to be used as references. The comments have  been edited for continuity and space.

"Gary,  you were great. You gave me suggestions and made me keep the faith.  Thanks for the ideas on how to stage my home to make it look better." 

Laurie Peterson 

"Gary,  you were excellent. You helped us know what to look for and we saw a  variety of houses. You let us look at our own pace and gave us advice  and tips. Even though we should have checked out all of the appliances  more thoroughly before purchasing, we thank you. We love our house!!"

Amy and Doug Jackson 

"We  found you to be very professional and appreciated the prompt way in  which the information on the house was exposed to the public. Also the  in house brochures were very informative and very well prepared. We  could not have expected a more proficient job from you or your company."

Stanley Hastings 

"Hey  Gary, we give you a 9.99, (nobody's perfect!) We found that your  patience and wonderful personality were most valuable. You never gave us  any doubt that whatever came up, you would take care of it."

Bob and Gail Iverson

"DeeDee  and I say excellent! A great performance all the while you kept us  informed. There isn't anything that you didn't do for us."

Clinton Martin 

"Excellent!!  Your psychology was great. Have you ever thought about a career in  counseling?   We could have used a list of what the buyers/sellers  should do or expect in 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks etc. You can absolutely  use us as a reference."

Harry and Judy Fisher

"We  rate your performance as excellent. You were always available to look  at homes and answer questions. The only thing you didn't do for us was  to move our furniture into the new house. All of our needs were met, and  we received more service than we expected."

Rick and Janet Leonhardt 

 Well, I hope the feelings of these clients and now friends has come  through. We have many more letters but, I think you get the picture. I  try very hard to make the selling and buying process less stressful and  more fun. The end result is happy clients and lots of referrals. Give us  a call when you are ready to sell and/or buy property.