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Why a Pink Tomato?

 The Pink Tomato is the official fruit and vegetable of Arkansas.'s a catchy name, don't you think? 

Buying Your Tomato

 If  you are in the market to buy a home, you are definitely in the right  place. Most serious home buyers may not realize how difficult it is to  find that special home. Many buyers will only check out the homes  advertised in the newspaper or homes magazines. The cold reality is that  they may never find their perfect home.   
What  they are up against is that on any given day, only about 1% of the  homes that are available for sale are advertised (which makes kind of  tough odds to find that "just right" property). But that isn't the worst  part. The worst part is that your special home may never be advertised!  
What we mean is, the unique and special properties may sell before they  have a chance to be advertised. These special homes are sold to our  Preferred Buyers. Those are buyers that have come into Gary's office,  have gotten at the very least pre-qualified for a loan, and have taken a  look at some of the available homes. Their preferences are noted and  when the right home does become available, they are the second ones to  know about it - right after the agent that listed it!  
How  is it that some people always seem to get the best homes at the best  price? They become Preferred Buyers. Don't lose out! Don't lose the  opportunity to purchase your next home - your dream home.
 Gary is committed to searching for your special home and representing  your best interests throughout the buying process. From getting the  right loan package to legal representation. We counsel you along each  and every step, and give you the best opportunity to make the right  decision for yourself.  Give Gary  a call, come into the office for a cup of coffee, and together we'll find you your perfect next home.  

Selling Your Tomato


Whatever  your reason is for moving, you have to sell your home.  Gary's first  thought for you, would be to explore the possibility of selling on your  own. For more information on selling by owner, visit our FSBO page. 

Some  people are unable or unwilling to take on the massive responsibility of  marketing, showing, and selling their own home (it's harder than it  might seem). So for these people, they will need the expertise of a  professional and FULL TIME broker. One that understands that this may be  your largest investment ever and one that has the ability to "get it  done"  

As  your listing agent and representative, Gary is dedicated to getting you  the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount  of inconvenience to you. With Gary's unique marketing ideas and  strategies, nothing is left undone or untried. From point of purchase  marketing to in-home brochures. From direct mailings to 24 hour  advertising. Your home will be showcased above and beyond your  competition.   
Don't  you and your home deserve more than a sign in the ground and an  occasional ad in a magazine? Gary believes so. Contact Gary to find out  which strategies really work - time and time again. With references to  back him up.   

Are  you relocating? Is your company giving you moving and selling benefits  such as brokerage and closing costs? Or are you on your own when it  comes to moving out of state? In either situation, scroll down to find out how we can make your relocation move easier

Tomatoes by Email

 "Gary, I'm interested in getting some property listings sent to me. Can you make that happen?" 

While  you are sitting comfortably at your desk, home computer, or in a  library, we can send you property listings that match up with your wish  list. An initial email will be sent to you with all of the properties  that currently match up, and then as they come on the market, you'll be  sent new ones. A no hassle and no fuss way to shop. lf you decide to  change your search criteria, just send us an email and we'll get things  updated.

Whether  you want a single family home, condo, or land, you can be sent listings  that are just right for you. Then if something looks good, you can  contact us for more available information or you can let me know when  you are ready to take a look at any or all of your choices.

Just send me an email to let me know that you would like listings sent directly to you.

For Sale By Owner

 If  you are savvy enough to be able to market your home, be available most  of the time for buyers to come by and actually see your home, are not  afraid of the obvious security issues, know what to say and more  importantly what not to say, and can have all of the legal documents  ready (such as contracts to purchase, disclosures, etc.) and you are  fully knowledgeable about them, you may be ready to sell by owner.

Of  course, it doesn't stop there. You need to be informed on the latest  lending packages, interest rates, contingencies on properties to sell  and whether it's in your best interest to accept a contingent offer to  purchase. Above all else is the expense. The cost of your initial yard  sign, flyers that portray your home in its best light, advertising, and  the most expensive thing - your time!

The one thing that FSBO's (pronounced fizzbo's) or For Sale By Owner's  absolutely need to be aware of is the main reason that people exclude up  to 90% of the available homes which are listed by brokers, is to save  the commissions that the sellers are trying to save. Somebody's going to  win, and somebody's going to lose. Buyers of FSBO homes know that the  seller has that broker percentage to play with and will try to get that  savings out of the owner.

The  bottom line is this... Historically, agents have been able to attain up  to 16% more than the person that is selling by owner. As long as your  bottom line won't change, why not leave the work to a professional?  Especially when you are dealing with what could be your largest  investment

Contact Gary to find out more about selling by owner and if it would be  in your best interest to have a professional handle the responsibility  of marketing and selling your home.

Replanting Your Seeds (Relocation)

 Like many  others, Terri and I relocated from the Chicago area. While I was born  and bred a Chicago city boy, Terri was raised in a community of 350  people in NE Iowa.  In 2003, we decided that a change of lifestyle  needed to happen. Friends, relatives, co-workers,  were passing on way too early and we just didn't want to spend the rest  of our lives in traffic, noise, crime, and flat land.  

We  originally planned on a move to Virginia but with the cost of real  estate skyrocketing, we soon decided to sell our property there and make  a visit to Mountain Home. During the first  two days of looking at  homes and lots, we fell in love with the area and especially the people.  We wound up buying a lot in Bull Shoals and started making plans to  build.

Don't  get me wrong. It was scary. Moving from a big city with all it affords,  to a small community is daunting.  We quickly realized that what we  were leaving didn't compare with what we were gaining. A different  lifestyle. The tranquility, great weather (with still a change of  seasons), little to no traffic, a low cost of living, abundant wildlife,  and new friends, all became a part of our new garden.

If  you are thinking of replanting your seeds in a new area, you owe it to  yourself to check out our garden, the Mountain Home area.

I'll  be happy to send you literature, facts, and figures, but nothing  compares to actually being here to see everything our garden has to  offer.For more information on replanting in the Mountain Home area, call or send me an email and I'll get on it right away.  
Terri and I hope you'll think about visiting us soon.


For Our Farmers (Investors and Contractors)

 If  you  are an investor, it is imperative that your real estate purchase makes  sense. If you are investing in real estate for the use of income  producing properties such as rentals, you must know exactly what you are  getting into. Will your investment pay off immediately with positive  cash flow? 

Will  your investment make sense with a longer waiting period? How will  selling your investment impact your tax structure? Should you do a 1031  Starker exchange or take the tax consequence?  

Are  you looking for existing homes? HUD homes? If you are investing to fix  and flip, will there be enough left at the end to make it worth your   while? What will the sale of your investment mean when the smoke clears  and the dust settles?

If  you are a contractor looking to invest in building spec homes, from one  home to a subdivision, you must know how the market will react to your  project. From choosing the right lot or farm to build on, to what the  consumer is looking for are all a part of what Gary does for you. What  are the demographics for your project? What style of home is sought?  What amenities should be included in the project.

If you are an investor or contractor, call Gary to set a time to discuss your goals.  

Corporate Relocation

 Making  that move is sometimes a trying, frustrating, and sometime scary time  in most people's life. When it happens, it's good to know that someone  is in your corner, looking out for your best interests. Even 'The  Greatest', Muhammed Ali had Angelo Dundee in his corner.


Being  relocated is never a fun or easy thing to have to go through. While  Gary can't always make the selling process a more fun thing, he can definitely  make it easier. Buying is more fun anyway. All of Gary's professional designations are based on  corporate property ownership and transferring employees.  

If  you find yourself having to corporately relocate to another area, tell  your HR person that you are requesting Gary Heimbach from Gilbert Realty  to handle the real estate portion of your relocation.  

The CCPS  designation means Corporate Property Specialist and is given only to  those agents that have studied for and passed the CPS test. The  Corporate Property Specialist is trained to take corporately owned  property and make all the necessary decisions, from contracting for  repairs to creating a marketing plan in order to bring the highest  amount of money possible and in the shortest amount of time.  

The CRMS designation  means Certified Residential Marketing Specialist and is given only to  those agents that have taken classes in handling relocation and 3rd  party owned property. From the time of inception to the corporate  buyout, properties that need to be pre-marketed and then go to the  relocation company, are all handled by the agent holding CRMS  designation.  

The CRRS  designation means Certified Residential Relocation Specialist and is  given only to those agents that have taken classes regarding relocating  corporate buyers that are transferring in to a new area. From initial  contact in their home city to the final closing in their new home, the  CRRS is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the corporate  transferees move.  

If  you are being relocated into, or out of the Mountain Home  area, have  your counselor or HR person contact Gary with all of the details. Gary  will take it from there and make sure that your relocation experience is  as flawless as possible.



What is an e-PRO® and why should you use one?

A short guide for the Internet consumer

When  you're on the Internet, you don't have time to waste on endless  searches for useful real estate information. You want to get things done  quickly and without hassle. So chances are you'd like a real estate  agent who answers e-mail promptly and professionally.
Respects your on-line privacy.
Offers home listings and other Internet tools to help you find or market a home.

Enter the e-PRO.

An  e-PRO is a REALTOR® who has successfully completed the e-PRO training  program for real estate professionals. Endorsed by the National  Association of REALTORS®, the e-PRO course teaches professionals the  nuts and bolts of working with real estate on-line: Web sites, e-mail,  on-line tools, and most of all, what today's consumer really wants.

What does all this mean to you? There are several benefits of working with a certified Internet professional.

More privacy

Are  you reluctant to give out contact information through the Web for fear  of being pestered or spammed? e-PROs understand. They've learned the Web  isn't just a place to do business; you need information from someone  you can trust.

That's why  e-PROs respect your privacy. They respond quickly to your questions, but  don't send you unwanted communication. And they protect your personal  information.

Less hassle

Tired  of struggling to find information? e-PROs are more likely to have  access to the latest Internet utilities, making your life easier. These  tools may include:

On-line home tours
Instant access to comprehensive neighborhood data
Extensive property listings
Immediate e-mail notification of just-listed homes meeting your criteria
Referral networks and on-line forums, where e-PROs can quickly find information - even potential buyers - from other e-PROs
Newsletters on current real estate conditions in your area

Electronic faxes sent to you by e-mail

Advanced software, PDAs, and laptops to find you answers on the spot

The  result: you get more information, more easily. With electronic files,  you have less paperwork to deal with. And since your agent uses e-mail,  you can even eliminate phone tag. The e-PRO streamlines your entire  transaction, from showing to closing.

Less expense

An  e-PRO's access to advanced technology can save you considerable  expense. You have more tools to find or market your home, so you're  likely to get a better price. With on-line home tours, you reduce  in-person showings - and the costs involved. And by using e-mail, you  save money on long-distance calls and fax charges.

Relocating?  An e-PRO is ideal for you. With the tools to do your research  electronically, you can make a decision on a home the first day you're  in town - or without traveling at all. You and your family save on  travel costs. And after you've decided to buy, monitoring the sale by  e-mail saves you even more.

Should  you use an e-PRO? Yes - especially if you're an Internet user. In this  fast-paced age, technology has become a necessity. An e-PRO is someone  who has recognized and responded to the needs of the new consumer. If  you choose an e-PRO, it's a safe bet you'll get the kind of service you  want - and need.

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